Project: Logo Design

Client:  ABC3D - 3D Printing

Logo design for a 3D printing company that focuses on tabletop gaming paraphernalia. They have an extensive selection of miniatures, paints, and other supplies.

All of their products are created in-house at their Florida 3D print-farm.

The owner of ABC3D was interested in re-branding the company to fit their new tabletop gaming niche, but he wanted to maintain the general structure and colors of their old logo.

The new design features a Gothic yet modern font which I stylized myself. The negative space between the letter C and the number 3 form the shape of a blacksmith’s hammer. I further accented it by adding three lines to form a handle grip. The image of the hammer is supposed to reflect on the ancient and mythical aspect of a blacksmith and on the company’s productive side and metal casting abilities.

In case you missed it: the top of the design features a brave knight charging a ferocious dragon. (This is the general theme of most RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons.) Another cool feature of the design is that it is very versatile. If the company wants to spotlight a new Horror themed collection, the knight and dragon can be exchanged for zombies and werewolves.