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The American Revolution

Check out this hilarious Fourth of July t-shirt design featuring none other than George Washington delivering a Stone Cold Stunner to a British Redcoat! Get ready to celebrate Independence Day with a touch of humor and a dash of patriotism.

The juxtaposition of history and pop culture in this design is sure to make a statement at any Fourth of July gathering. It's a playful and tongue-in-cheek tribute to the spirit of rebellion and triumph that our founding fathers embodied during the fight for freedom.
by Paul Simic

These cool graphic tees come in Heather Grey and Light Blue colors. You can also pick between a Regular T-shirt or Women's tee, Hoodie and Long Sleeve shirt.

The American Revolution

PriceFrom $19.99
  • USA - $4.00
    UK - $5.00
    Europe - $7.00
    Australia - $7.00
    Canada - $9.00
    Rest of the World - $10.00

© Copyright Paul Simic Art
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